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Brent S. Applebaum successfully practices a new paradigm for conservative treatment of spinal pain.  This paradigm is designed to abolish symptoms and return an individual to a dynamic and fulfilling life....
Chronic Low Back Pain Problem
The most common reason for a medical visit is pain.  And the most common of pain complaints is back pain.  Evidence supports the view that an episode of back pain will often resolve on its own in 6 to 8 weeks...

On The Origin and Abolishment of Low Back Pain $19.99
By Brent S. Applebaum


There is nothing more difficult than ending your back pain. Equally difficult is living with your back pain. It is likely you have tried various forms of treatment to abolish your symptoms and received various results and, thus far, you have failed in your goal to be pain free.

The majority of people do fail to end their back symptoms. And the majority of health care providers fail in their desire to end their patient’s back symptoms. But there is a method to healing your back injury and make you pain free ...more

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